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What We Offer


Creative Content, Website Solutions, Social Media Solutions and Logo-Design.


Promotion, Full-Cycle Marketing, Packaging, Development and Production.


Marketing Analysis, Target Research, Networking, Compliance and Acquisition/Campaign Support.


Production Analysis, Profit Analysis, Client/Technical support, and Low Risk Tier-Systems.

Who We Are


Dominion Marketing Technologies is in the business of providing music and entertainment marketing services on a hierarchy basis. Our clients include promoters, record labels, musicians, venues and all supporting factors of the industry. Our primary focus is dedicated to the expansion of semi-national to national artists and affiliated venues. Our secondary focus is on artist development and promotion concentrating on educating local, semi-national to national artists.


Dominion Marketing Technologies specializes in the analysis, creation, development and full-cycle implementation of marketing strategies and services for all entities connected to the creative industry of music and art. We cater our services to the defined needs of our clients and patrons. So, whether you are a struggling artist or a recently new restaurant, or established venue, we can guide you to the next platform of expansion that best aligns you with your targeted goal.


The executive members of DMTI have been in the music industry for over 20 years and in that time we have played a part in almost every role and level of the music industry. DMTI was officially established as a unified collective in May 2004 but this initial joint venture was only part time. Due to continual growth and much success, we decided to expand the business to a full-cycle media and marketing organization and this is when Dominion Marketing Technologies was created.

Creative Marketing

DMTI is a marketing company that was created by creative professionals. We believe that great marketing needs a platform of consultation and direction that will provide creative, and intellectual designs to progress your business/project to the next level of professional development. The fact that we are also artists places us with a unique insight and empathy to the needs of many. This advantage, along with our past alternate careers and professional expertise in Marketing, Media, Legal, Project Management/Development, Sales and Research, allowed us to move and adapt to the needs of our patrons and clients. It is for this reason that we now provide development strategies for connecting entities (i.e., Venues, Studios, Agencies, Productions Organization, Hospitality Organization, Publishers and Distributors).

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